Yesterday’s gone.

As Susan read for her second semester exams, she couldn’t stop thinking of all the errors she had made that year. All the embarrassments and ridicule her carelessness had caused her. She had also failed her tests that semester and as she studied, she was just like all hope’s gone. She had gotten into aContinue reading “Yesterday’s gone.”


A medical condition often characterized by moodiness, sadness, withdrawal from people, a feeling of low self-esteem, a feeling of not being good enough, a feeling of insecurity, a feeling of fear. Now, they said depression could be caused by emotional trauma, loss of job, family issues, etc, which is true. But, in actual sense, depressionContinue reading “Depression”

Caught in the web

I was trekking down the road one evening when I came across a fly struggling in futility to break free from a spider web. I could only but sigh pathetically at the fate of this fly. it will interest you to know that a lot of us have found ourselves caught in the web ofContinue reading “Caught in the web”

Why me???

I’ve heard a lot of people ask this question before. Funny enough, I’ve also asked questions like this a couple of times. But when I came to the understanding of why I had to go through a certain problem, I quit asking questions like that. Challenges were designed by God intentionally in order to buildContinue reading “Why me???”


We all know what a spa is right? it’s a place where a person goes when there’s a body pain that needs a body massage. After such massages, the person feels great and relieved from the pains. No more pains! Just like a physical pain requires a physical treatment, so also an emotional pain, aContinue reading ““Spa-feeling””

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